Women: our own worst enemies?

Back to School…what does it mean to you?

To me – it makes my heart race just thinking of all the “re-programming” my family and I have to do! Back to bed times, back to homework, back to total insanity.

To some little “grade TWOers” as they proudly call themselves now, it can mean something much, much scarier. A kind of scary that is arguably not age appropriate – not fear of academics and school work, but fear of trying to fit in, trying not to get picked on, trying to not be alone at recess and lunch…
Like many other women now in their 30s and 40s, I grew up and now work in a male-dominated world: first, the competitive sports world and now, the corporate world.  For me, surprisingly, the toughest part about fitting in with both these worlds has not been the boys and men, but the girls and women.
 Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad, but let’s call it out LOUD – WE GIRLS AND WOMEN CAN BE OUR OWN WORST ENEMIES!  In worlds where we are the minority, time and time again, we shove each other down further and further and for what? To protect our own fragile position? Or is it to protect our own fragile sense of self?

I’ve been on both sides of this, and it’s not pretty. We feel this territorial instinct, a kind of kill or be killed mentality.  Except we kill softly, not overtly.  With the catty comments, the sideways looks, the hushed conversations…we turn into MEAN GIRLS!
This primal instinct is something I am taking ownership of for two reasons: because I want to help women bring each other UP in this world, and because I am afraid. I am afraid for my daughter and for my daughter’s peers who are so savvy at such a young age. I want to show them that we don’t have to be mean girls and we can succeed together – all of us.
And so, a challenge for me, for you – I challenge every woman out there – go OUT OF YOUR WAY to be kind and open to someone new, whether she is the new mom in the schoolyard or the new associate at your office. If she is beautiful – be happy for her.  If she is smart – be happy for her. Do you know how you can do this?? The only way you can do this is if you LOVE YOURSELF…if you have ‘SELF LOVE’ you can beat off the insecurity, the jealousy, the meanness because you are happy inside your own skin.

Let’s bring women together and work together to teach our younger generation of girls how to bring each other UP – not push each other down.


2 Responses to “Women: our own worst enemies?”

  1. Ekaterina Says:

    Oh! school time! This brings my memories about ends of August when I always wished September would never come. I didn’t like school so much!!!

    I love learning, but not in a school environment. =)

    Women as enemies?? Never had such a problem…. I guess because I don’t see them as enemies. I see their true nature and they response to that.

    If you can show your girls that people behave with us accordingly to our thinking about them, they will not have this problem.

    • Biagirl Inc. Says:

      Interesting, isn’t it–how different people’s experiences can be? Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had your healthy outlook? That’s what we’re trying to teach our girls! Thanks for commenting!

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